Hi guys!

These aren’t real glasses. I popped out 3D glasses I was given at the movie theaters. No, I will not apologize.

My name is Arya and I am a hot chocolate enthusiast. My hobbies include watching Netflix, swinging on swings, watching Fashion Runway, and eating Chinese/chicken wings.

If you read this blog, let’s bring back KFC’s spicy buffalo wings!! (I’ve emailed them twice and they’ve ignored me twice.. oops)

I’m quirky, my favorite characters in Harry Potter are Luna, Draco, and Snape, I loveeee music (which makes me give Spotify a big thumbs up) and THERE’S A MILLION THINGS I HAVEN’T DONE, BUT JUST YOU WAIT!!! If you got that reference, you’re my best friend.

Anyway, I write on this blog from the perspective of a white tee-shirt in the fashion industry. The idea came to me on a trip to Thailand (beautiful place) because I thought I should do something with my life and I thought, A BLOG! But then I had to think of something ‘different’ per say because the fashion blogging industry is.. well it’s the hunger games.  So I decided to be even weirder than I already was and personify a white tee-shirt and write a blog from its perspective. I hope you all enjoy it!!

p.s. here are a few more references that if you get, you are also my best friend

. Okay? Okay.

. Always.

. talk me down (okay this isn’t a reference it’s just my favorite song.. sorry not sorry)

. GOT TO CATCH ‘EM ALL!!!!! (I’m not actually that big of a fan of this it’s just catchy)

And finally

. “Rose Tyler…” (hysterically cries all over my blanket)

. “I don’t want to go” (hysterically cries all over my new blanket)

. “Raggedy man, goodbye/goodnight” (hysterically cries on everything)



Well hello there people who decided to scroll down on this page! I’m sorry to upset you, but this is not another page for posts but more to inform the public that this blog is my thoughts, and my thoughts alone. Yes, it’s true.

Also, although I may sometimes act like it, I am not the be all end all expert of everything. I am no Albert Einstein, I am no Stephen Hawking, and most certainly I am no you. So when I recommend things that I enjoy, do not just jump in with me without consulting professionals before doing or buying what I suggested.

Think of me as a court jester, I am here to entertain and to inform. You can listen to what I have to say, you can be inspired by what I have to say, but in the end it is completely your choice what to do with what you have learned. And this jester is not responsible for what you do with it.

Moving on, you know when you raise your hand in class and the teacher calls on you but she doesn’t here you and then gets distracted and then asks the same question again but calls on someone else and they repeat EXACTLY. WHAT. YOU. SAID. and they get the credit? Well, that happens. And I’d like to say what I write on this blog is mine, and I don’t want no second grade hand raiser to steal it from me. It’s mine unless I say it was someone else’s. Kapeesh. Kapaash.

Okay another thing. I am a fashion blogger. I did not go to school and get whatever degree to be a doctor, lawyer, or in any case a professional in anything other than having an opinion. I just write so that people can laugh and people can be entertained, I do not write to give you medical/legal/ or any kind of professional advice. Because guys, I am a white tee shirt. I sat in a store all day, I haven’t gone to school. So anything you read on this blog, it’s entertainment, anything you choose to do with the things you read on this blog, well that is on you, not me.

Here comes a big one. Privacy. Trust me world, I understand you. I would never ever want my contact information to be shared with anyone. So trust me, I will not share your contact information with anyone. I most certainly will not put your names on spam lists (gosh do people really do that?). I am not responsible for the ways my blog commenters and advertisers choose to handle privacy.

Here’s another thing. This is my blog. So guess what? I have a say in what happens to it! Wow, foreign concept right. I have a right to change my blog’s focus, I have a right to delete my blog, I have a right to change the platform of my blog, and I have a right to sell my blog. Wow, that was a lot of ‘I have a right’s’ That should be the new thing, instead of “I have a dream” fashion bloggers should be screaming “I have a right”

Okay moving on. This one is important. Have you ever seen let’s say a Pokemon card from far away and heard the guy was selling it and then you told your friend, “Hey that Pokemon card looks cool, maybe you should buy it,” and then your friend buys it and it ends up that its a fake Pokemon card so your friend yells at you, but technically it is not your fault, it’s the guy who sold it to him. So that was a really long way of saying this, my advertisers and sponsors actions are their own and I have no connection to them. If you buy something from a link in my blog or buy something because I mentioned it and there is something that displeases you or it is not in great condition, take it up with the company because in short words, that is not my problem.

You guys are incredible sending me tweets, comments, letters, messages, emails, and more forms of contact. My policy for these is these forms of contact may be shared in other blog posts or I may claim ownership to these in an upcoming column, blog, or book. If you do not wish for your form of contact to be used please state that when contacting me. A preferred way for it to be said is at the end write, “Please keep my tweet/email/etc confidential,” and I will no doubt respect your wish and not use it and not claim ownership.

Oh and another thing, if something I post shows signs of copyright or infringement with a link or a post, I will not be subject to sue instead I shall be notified and I shall be given a three days notice to take whatever the problem is down and delete it from the website.

Whew. Well that was a lot of legal mumble jumble but I do hope you could make sense of of at least.. let’s say 1/4 of it. Any questions? Contact me on the contacts page.

Thank you all so much for reading by far the most boring thing I have ever written in my life.


The White Tee