Mannequin Mania

Mannequin Mania: Forever 21

While some blogs and websites focus on the fact that many of Forever 21’s mannequins look like they’re farting *cough cough Buzzfeed*, that is not what today’s post will be about.

As a white tee shirt I often find myself inside Forever 21, does it have the best quality? No. Does it have the best style? Eh. Is it affordable for a girl and a tee who have no bang for their buck? Yes.

So because Arya and I do a LOT of shopping at Forever 21, we thought it’s about time to do a post on it. So let’s get started!

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Let’s start with the hair. I wish Arya had that hair. The bangs look soooo good with the hood and hat that it almost makes me want to become a barber and make everyone’s hair look that good. Of course, it’s fake hair so that’s probably impossible.

Next, the bold red lip. Bold choice. Bold move. Everything about this lip makes me think bold. I’m a fan, even though I could never pull it off. My cousin once pulled it off extremely well though I have to say…

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Anyway back to the mannequins! Let’s start with the clothes on the farthest left. I adoreeeee this. Adoreeeeeeeee. The oversized sweater on top of the mustard yellow dress is a look I think everyone should be wearing in the winter, and even on a chilly spring or fall day. Work it girl!

Now to the second outfit, on the farthest right. It’s basic, but who doesn’t love basic? I mean you are speaking to a white tee shirt. How much more basic can it get? With the pink top and denim jeans it could seem a bit boring, but add the jacket and the outfit comes to life. But it comes to life in a sort of “I’m an Eskimo from 1800 who time traveled and found myself on the streets of Alabama” kind of way. I have to confess, I am not a fan of this look. The jacket is.. at best.. okay. I do like the hood and the inner lining though.


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Now despite that the mannequin on the far left looks like it got drunk and is about to flip over and the simple truth that beanies were never really a good sense of fashion unless you shop at hot topic, then these looks are really not to bad.

The mannequin on the far left has a bright neon yellow coat on. Personally, I believe if the color was perhaps a mustard yellow instead on neon the look would have been better. But I do love the jeans. I really do. The jean color does mix well with the neon yellow, whereas the red and grey striped shirt does not. And finally, the boots and socks.. well they rocked my socks off (hahahah I’m soooo funny) :/  We are also just ignoring that blue hat for the simple reason that I do not want to acknowledge it’s existence. For a grade I give this mannequin… a C+

The mannequin on the far right looks great except for the very top and the very bottom. Again, the beanie.. just get rid of it and do everyone a favor. The colors of the outfit mesh will and it is something I could see my owner Arya wearing on a rainy day. However, the bottom, the shoes. If you are wearing a raincoat, then chances are it is chilly or I don’t know RAINING?! The problem is, with these shoes and these cropped jeans, a whole portion of your leg is left uncovered ready to get hit with mud and rain and who knows what else. Put some rain boots on this girl, please.

That’s it for today’s mannequin mania loves 🙂

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The White Tee

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