Best Styled from TV’s new hit: Riverdale

Hello lovelies! Welcome back (:

Oh I know, it’s been a while. But this white tee has been studying her butt off for finals and in the process forgot to publish some posts. But that is overrrrrr!

This white tee is summering it up! (I’m pretty sure summering isn’t a word but bear with me here I’m trying to apologize)

Anyway, this white tee is going back to publishing posts for you lovely lovely readers and I couldn’t be more happy. So let’s start, shall we?

Riverdale.  Aka the world’s new obsession. Have I watched it? Yes. Did I binge watch it? Yes. Is Jughead your favorite character? YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

Okay, so since this is a fashion blog, I will rant about my opinions on the show in another Tee Talk post/talkshow! But for now, let’s look at the style of these Riverdale teens.

Best dressed: Boys and Girls.

Okay, so it is tempting to say that none of the Riverdale boys really have a fashion sense. I mean, I love Jughead and I actually love his style… but his style is soooo Hot Topic grunge (which I don’t mind!) but I’m not sure if it should make the top of our list. And then there is Archie who is just… Archie. Kind of bland to be honest, always wearing his football high school jacket thingy. So I dug and dug and then it hit me.

Kevin Keller.

This boy knows how to wear clothes, especially preppy ones!

Yes Kevin. Yes.

All right, now to best dressed girl. Now this one was hard, do I go for the classy Lodge’s? Or do I go for the spunky Pussycats? After hard deliberation, I decided to go with Veronica Lodge just because I have never witnessed a high schooler that loves Peter Pan collars as much as I do.


Even with Riverdale’s murder mysteries never ending, these two always look their best !

Close runner ups: Jughead Jones (because of his jackets let’s be real) and Valerie and Josie from the Pussy Cats

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The White Tee

All image rights to The CW



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