Tee Talk

Let’s Have A Talk, The Topic? White Shoes of course!

I know what you’re thinking, white shoes? Are you insane?

How on earth is one to keep them sparkling Colgate commercial white? I know, I know. My owner Arya can not go one day without dropping food on me just because I show stains super easily, BUT that should never stop you from splurging on all things white in the fashion world.

White shoes are everythinggg now and yes, I do mean sparkling white shoes and not those converses from sixth grade that look yellow but you swear when you bought them they were white! No, I am talking the real white shoes. The ones that make you gawk in excitement. The one’s you just haveeee to have.

White shoes are the new white tees.

HA JOKES! No one replaces me (:

Shopping on a budget like Arya always is because she is broke? You can always buy some sparkling white shoes that don’t have the names Louis and Vuitton!

Just type in “white shoes” to your favorite ‘steal prices’ store like me (cough cough Primark and Forever 21) and see what you can find.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 3.42.30 PM.png

Remember! Shoes are always best bought in person, actually everything is usually best bought in person

I was bought in person because I’m a quality white tee shirt.

     My owner Arya is telling me I’m being to conceded in this post. Oops– sorry not sorry.

I hope next time I see you Arya will have several new white shoes in our closet that I can talk to! Can’t wait, I hope one of them is named Alejandro.. I’ve always like the name Alejandro. Pretty great Lady Gaga song if you ask me. Arya is telling me to end this post now before I yell about how my music taste is superior to everyone else’s soooo


The White Tee

Image Rights:

Forever 21 and https://www.pinterest.com/explore/white-shoes/?lp=true


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