Tee Talk

Tee Talk: Summer Splash

Well hello there lovelies!

Long time, no see (whoops) It’s okay! It’s okay! I have an extremely valid excuse…

I am a tee shirt.

So now that we have got that all cleared up lets talk about SUMMMMERRRRRR

Yes, I know. I kind of skipped over spring, but who really cares? Spring is just a way to get everyone pumped for the summer (:

Well, you may be thinking White Tee I’m DYINGGGGG to know what you are going to be doing over the summer.

Um… since I haven’t had time to think of any convincing lie, honestly not much. Which is sad. Almost as sad as Arya falling down the steps three times today. Three.

So if you lovely readers have any fashion related suggestions on where I could use these teeshirt knowledge skills at, let me know (;

Fill you in on some more summer fun later!!



The White Tee


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