Vent: Why Everyone Needs Hipster Glasses

Welcome back lovelies to another vent and this one is very important to me.

Hipster glasses.

Now if you have been following the ME section, you may have noticed that I have been wearing a set of hipster glasses that I purchased at Primark (surprise surprise) for $3.

I am informing you that you need to go buy them. Now.

You may ask, White Tee I already have sunglasses, I have my aviators! Why would I need to buy another pair of sunglasses?

Because honey aviators were SOOOOOOO five years ago. Fashion is traveling back in time while moving forward, it’s the vicious fashion circle that never stops turning.

Look at these beauties! Tell me that you don’t want them.. come on.. I dare you.

So get yourself up and go invest in the new thingggg for the spring.


The White Tee


Cover Image:


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