Back To School Shopping

Hello you lovely readers and welcome to my vent on back to school shopping… spring edition.

I know what you’re thinking, White Tee, back to school shopping refers to shopping done in the fall when you’re returning back to school after the summer, not now!

Oh, but how you’re mistaken.

Back to school shopping also happens after spring break because it is then, my friends, when the ‘no shave November’ legs are waxed and primed, when the skirts and the tank tops come out. In other words, spring flings… there is a reason they happen in the spring.

I, being a female white tee, am a fan of the spring because my owner Arya always goes and picks me up more friends.

But here is where my vent comes in.

Arya just had her spring break and we’re heading back to school tomorrow. *CRIES DRAMATICALLY AND DROWNS IN TEARS*

But, we acquired some super duper cute tanks and overalls and all things hipster springy for her to wear when we got back. Guess what?


So instead of looking bomb af, she is going to be wrapped up in a blanket and wearing her jeans that everyone has already seen a million times.

This makes me angry! Mother Nature, wherever you are, please please make spring weather come soon and stop bringing us random snow storms! We want to wear sandals and dresses (:

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The White Tee

cover image rights: TUMBLR


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