Thought Bubble: Who Likes Black Anyway?

This title is a lie. I like black, which is odd… because I am a white tee. The reason for this title is because I wanted to feel better about myself being a white tee shirt because I saw the killer black tee, and I just really wanted to be her.

ANYWAY, moving on!

Today we have another ME post, so naturally it is either all about ME, THE WHITE TEE (haha thanks for the applause guys, I know I’m incredible) or it’s about my owner Arya.. she is not nearly as fun as I am.

Unfortunately, today is about her and her new approach in the fashion world.

She’s a preppy girl today, and I loveeee it (:




As you can see Arya is wearing a white sweater purchased from Primark (our savior store) for $7. Arya and I highly recommend buying it. When I say highly, I mean take the freedom tower and the Empire State building and stack them on top of each other and they wouldn’t be as high, HIGHLY.

The choker? It chokes. Hehe just kidding, it’s quite a lovely little thing. It is purple lace and it brings a new level of class into the look, otherwise I’m afraid this outfit would have been too boring to post on the blog, sorry Arya. The choker was bought at Forever 21 in a pack of 3. They cute, me like, thumbssss up.


And what is a preppy look without a watch? This watch was from, guess where, Primark. I know, I know, but Arya and I are kind of on a low budget so we can’t be shopping at Givenchy like Emma Stone. I recommend the store if you’re living off ramen like us.

That’s all for today lovelies, now just a few words of wisdom before we wrap up,


Drink your cocoa and stay warm through the snowing spring days (seriously Mother Nature what’s up?)





Remember to like/comment/contact/follow me, your favorite white tee (:






The White Tee


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