Retro Chic

Hello there lovelies (: Welcome back and today we are talking retro chic.

Ooo I’m not going to lie, this little white tee LOVES retro chic. When I say love, I mean went to the mall and basically made sure her owner Arya bought a new wardrobe consisting of a hipster retro style LOVE.

Okay… I’m quirky. You knew this. Anyway, let’s begin!!

DENIM DENIM DENIM (jacket)!!!!!! Yes yes yes, denim jackets are my new found love. Just make sure you don’t tell, white tees are always supposed to marry leather jackets but I think I’m going to go for this guy from American Eagle.

These sunglasses have been featured before, but it’s okay. Who doesn’t need these Primark sunglasses in their closets? If you said you didn’t, you’re wrong.. and I hope you know that.

Now comes the shirt. Now this may be my most genius idea to this day. I took a shirt with a collar, and tucked the collar in! It gives it a layered look without having to wear two shirts (: #fashionhacks

Like this retro chicness? Look out for some more when spring hits. Next post we are seeing some classic preppy outfits so get ready!!

Remember, as I am a tee shirt, I get extremely excited when people click that follow button.. so make a white tee HAPPY would you? Follow me for some more fun fun times (and my inevitable marriage to the denim jacket)!


The White Tee


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