Sally and Randy

Well hello there fine readers! The White Tee is FINALLY back after a long break at the dry cleaners. So it is time to get back into the fashion world!!

Last post I mentioned how the works of the blog were going to change, and this is the first step. Today I’m going to show you my owner, Arya, and the BOMB outfit she wore yesterday.

Lets start with the sunglasses shall we. So as a white tee, I was often called “basic” and too “boring” in my childhood. It has scarred me to this day. But THESE SUNGLASSES are making me like being called basic. These particular sunglasses and I go all the way back to the 80’s where we partied all night (ain’t that right Sally). I think it’s easy to say that these Primark sunglasses are an essential to your everyday looks to bring a little PAZAZZ 🙂

Next comes the jean jacket, his name is Randy. Randy has some street cred in the fashion streets (of course not as much as the leather jacket clan but close). Randy and I are often paired together because WHITE AND DENIM IS HEAVEN. I think everyone, everywhere, should memorize that phrase. Where can you purchase this wonderful jacket? American Eagle folks, the store that practically has everything denim and bohemian.

Now you may think.. White Tee, is that you below Randal rocking this outfit? Unfortunately no. I happened to come down with quite a sickness yesterday so I wasn’t able to be a part of this fabulous outfit. But you know who was?? The sweater underneath!! This sweater is the perfect thing to wear under denim in the spring/fall when the weather is chilly. Purchased from Primark: Arya’s savior store.

And who can forget the shoes? You’ll be seeing Nick around a lot, his black exterior brings sporty and classy all at the same time. Nick comes from the Nike store, so if you haven’t purchased one of his brothers/sisters go do that now!

And last but never least, the choker. If you have not been living under a rock for the past seasons in fashion, you are completely aware of the choker takeover. Thats what I’m going to call it. As a white tee, I got used to my old pals of the “dangly necklace” clan who were always hanging out right next to me so we could chit chat. NOW chokers make it so that I have to look up to talk to them. Oh so much work.

Choker from Forever 21
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The White Tee


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