Trendy Thursday: Capsule Wardrobes 

Hi guys (: Welcome to another edition of Trendy Thursday!!!

Lets get started right away because this is something that has been blowing up the internet. Capsule Wadrobes. What are they? They are your entire closet stripped down to only a few items of clothing. A light, easy, non cluttering selection of garments that can be mixed and matched and adhere to your particular style. It’s quite ironic because today’s segment is “Trendy Thursday” but the whole idea of these capsule wardrobes is that you no longer have to keep buying excess clothing to “keep with the trend”.

Do I like them? Eh. Mixed opinions. I think it really is amazing that these capsule wardrobe apps and websites can narrow down all of your clothing, but my question is, why? Sometimes it’s nice to mix up your style in ways no one expects.

Let me know your thoughts on capsule wardrobes below!


The White Tee

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