Sneaker Saturday: Timberland Boots

Hi guys! I decided to do a Sneaker Saturday instead of a Show Sunday today because there has been a winter shoe take over that we simply must discuss. Oh boy. This Sneaker Saturday is one to remember. If you have not been living under a rock recently, or are just an old sixties disco gal who doesn’t pay attention to the latest fashion trends, you have seen Timberlands hitting the streets. Timberland boots are the new ‘thing’ and because winter is quickly approaching I thought I’d tell you my opinion on these new ‘it’ shoes.

First off, if you haven’t seen them…


These are the beloved brownish yellowish… things…people seem to be wearing. Have you guessed my opinion on them yet? Well if you guessed that I vote a big fat


on these shoes, you happen to be semi-wrong.

I will admit, the first time I saw these boots I was horrified. There is no alternate emotion to describe how disgusted I was that farm shoes had suddenly become fashion. I had vowed that I would never waste so much money on agricultural design from the old ages. Now, although I have kept my promise, my opinion has started to vary slightly.

Paired with a nice oversized scarf and sweater for the winter weather, these shoes no longer make me want to barf. Jeans and timberlands go nicely together.

As I stare at them more and more, I start to like them more and more.

Oh. No.

But anyway, I think what makes people so interested in timberlands is there unique shape structure and as I’ve been told their “comfort”. I personally can not attest to the comfort because from where I am standing these shoes look anything but comfortable.

So my ending opinion,

these timberlands would look good with let’s say.. a white tee shirt (cough cough me), distressed dark wash jeans, and a knee-length cardigan.

That’s all my beautiful friends. I know it was short, but you all have busy days so you don’t want to read super long articles. I give you the quick scoop hehe. See you tomorrow with a Mannequin Monday (:


The White Tee

Cover Image Credits:

Timberland Website:


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