First Published Writing On Blog

Well hello there and welcome to another vent with me, The White Tee. If you’re a new comer you may not know what this is. This my friends is a break from fashion to talk about whatever, I, the White Tee wish too.

Now in my last post I said I was going to talk about Harry Potter. I lied. See, as a white tee shirt I often change my mind about things and today I was in a poetry mood.

So here comes some poetry written by my owner Arya 🙂

A little background: Me and my owner Arya obviously like fashion and writing… hence the fashion blog. But we are really into writing poetry, prose, and romance/fantasy/realistic fiction. So on today’s Tee Talk Tuesday I am going to come up with a few original stories or poems right now! Yes! Right. Now. No prepping, no copying down from journals, but just authentic writing coming form my fingertips at this very moment. So let’s begin!

-Prose One-

Silent by Arya Singh


It’s a beauty I must say. When knives and bullets cut, this makes you bleed.

The quiet that surrounds you, suffocates you.

The words you want to speak but are trapped in your throat because there are only empty minds and empty bodies.

Feelings of sickness or claustrophobia tighten around you, squeezing and pulling and stretching,

Until even you are silent.

-Prose 2-

The angelic devil by Arya Singh

The devil was once an angel.

You were once a song.

The devil fell from heaven.

And you fell from heart.

The devil was a favorite.

And you flew with doves.

But now the devil is feared.

And you are unloved.

-Prose 3-

The Unloveable by Arya Singh

You’re eyes look into mine. Look deep. Deeper than even I thought could be reached. There is something in your heart that is shown on your face. There is something on your face that isn’t shown in your heart. But when you look at me, your eyes filling to the brim with tears I have seen to often. And your mouth moves and I hear words of sorrow and apology that I have listened to one to many times. And your hands come close and wrap me in a body that once was warm, but now seems cold. And your whisper and breath on my back doesn’t seem safe anymore, I know. You are not forgiven. Not this time. Not for the mistake you say was the worst in your life. Not for the fact that this is the second time. Because the first time I was scared I was over reacting. And when you touched me that first time, I knew I still loved you, I still wanted you, no matter how much you hurt me. But now, you hug me, you cry, you hurt and I don’t say a word. I let you look deep into my eyes. I let you see that I am no longer a fool who loves the unlovable.

Well that’s all for my work. This is the first time I have shared my writing SO PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK! I’d really appreciate it!!

Thank you all and I’ll see you tomorrow for Who Wednesday 🙂


The White Tee // Arya Singh

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