Hello lovelies! Sorry for the missing post yesterday, I have having a blast with Arya’s grandma and in my opinion family comes before blog posting but don’t worry, this comes second (:

Anyway, today is a FEATURE FRIDAY! I capitalized that for the simple reason that you get to see ME AGAIN, the fabulous white tee that writes this blog is back on screen.

So today’s post will be a little short. I am going to show you some pictures of what I am wearing, describe some things, and then we’ll be gone. So let’s start!

As you can see here, today I am paired with a beautiful purple and blue paisley skirt. It fits perfectly and allows me to be tucked in without to much crinkle.

BOOKWORM TIME!! See, Arya and I are still in school (pretty obvious) and our summer reading book is “All The Light We Cannot See” and it is absolutely amazing. The book brings you through the eyes of two kids during World War II. Although I have yet to finish it, I can not WAIT to talk about it in class and further analyze the novel because of its depth and meaning. I recommend picking the book up and reading it because it is truly one of the best.

In the first circle you can see that for this look, I was tucked into the Paisley skirt (her name is Paige by the way) to make the outfit more put together.

The skirt is from Lily White

I (the white tee) am from Old Navy

Sunglasses from Aeropostale

Book from Barnes and Noble (My favorite bookstore ever!!!)

Thank you all for reading my posts and don’t forget to like/follow/comment.

Comment below if you have read the book I mentioned or if you have a book recommendation (:

Don’t forget:

IMG_1866.jpgCheck out the book!! Even if it is upside down in the picture.. don’t judge.

Check Sneaker Saturday tomorrow!!


The White Tee


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