Mexico Week

Surprise! The White Tee is on vacation and where is better than Mexico? Today’s talk is on my first day so far, although it is only 4:00 where I am staying, it has been quite a long day. So let’s get started!

It all begins with this dreadful picture:


3:00 AM. I’m going to give you a little background on Arya and I, we usually don’t wake up will 1 PM in the summer. This was 3 o’clock in the morning.

So naturally I decided, I’m going to go to bed early (aka 10 PM) and miss the Olympic events I have been waiting four years to see because I need my sleep. Well being the white tee-shirt that I am, I laid in bed for a good 5 hours and finally managed to get to sleep by 2. No phone, no computer. 2. So yes my mathematical genius readers, I got a grand total of one hour of sleep today. Great way to start of the day.

Next comes the airport. Now we had to drive to an airport a hour away and naturally my owner Arya listened to the Hamilton soundtrack and mouthed the words the whole way there instead of getting some sleep, so I couldn’t sleep either. Yay.

So flash forward past checking in, carrying my a thousand pound carry on around, and continuing to listen to “Room Where It Happened” and let’s go to me trying to get some food. So I’m at my gate, tired, angry, sad, and just every terrible emotion. I resorted to listening to “It’s Quiet Uptown” because I was just in the worst mood. And then I had a genius thought.

I’m always in a bad mood till food.

Because food is love, life, and happiness. Am I right?

So I get up and go to this store place and I’m walking around this food shop and everything looks okay but this Cajun Chicken Wrap looks appetizing. I order it. I wait the extra five minutes to have them warm it up and here is what it looks like

Well at this point I’m thinking ‘yum this looks good’.

Oh how wrong I was. It was as if someone stuck my tongue out and poured a whole bag of salt onto it and made me pay $12. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing, this could very well be my fault but let me tell you ‘Eat & Go’ you will not be having me as a customer any time soon. I still have a stomachache from that wrap.


This is my face at the exact moment I realized that this wrap was the worst thing I have tasted in a while. Yep.

In quick summary of my feelings at this point, I am angry and sad because I got one hour of sleep. I am super angry and extremely hungry because my wrap was terrible. And now my little brother keeps complaining about all the lines we have to stand in. It’s an airport brother. You have to stand in lines at an airport.

Things went a little uphill from here though (until they go downhill again) but we’ll wait for that part. Here are some pictures I took:


If you can’t read the last pictures meme it says ‘need more coffeeeeeeee’. See this wasn’t even true because I for one do not enjoy coffee, but I thought the walrus’s eyes accurately depicted mine at the moment. Bravo snapchat for that walrus.

Flash forward a little more after watching Juno and The Longest Ride and I am in Mexico (:

This is what greets me:


I was also greeted by this girl’s lovely shoes, whoever you are keep styling how you do!


And then I come to a realization.

And I forget that Mexico is one hour behind from where I live, so guess what? If I were to go by Mexican time, I got ZERO sleep today yet somehow I have the energy to write this blog post for you all so please like this post if you can!

Now with nada sleep, another long car ride (I am car sick… this day just keeps getting better), and a repeat of Hamilton about five times I finally arrive at the hotel.

Niceee right? But there is one problem. I am dressed in thick wool joggers and it is more than 90 degrees outside. And to make it better, they say the room won’t be ready till 1:30. That is 2 hours away. 2 hours in blazing heat, in wool joggers, without air conditioning.


This hotel is all inclusive so all the food is already paid for so I go to eat lunch at the beach. This is my first plate of Mexico.


It was delicious!! The food here is flavorful and mouth watering. It almost made me forget that I was sweating more than a chupacabra on the hottest day of summer.

Then we went back to the lobby and took some photos of what we saw. We’re tourists.. what more do you expect?

So after this, the time becomes 1:30 and I see Arya and her family race over to the front desk asking for the key to the room. And the worst words are let out,

“It won’t be ready till 3,”

I almost collapsed. These wool joggers were making me crazy and I needed some air conditioning. I had to find some. And tadaa I discovered it.

In the bathroom.

Here’s how it went. My brother and dad came back from the men’s room and said “It’s air conditioned,” and I sprinted faster than Usain Bolt to the ladies room. When I got in there I didn’t actually go to the bathroom so I just stayed in there for a few minutes. As you can probably guess, being a fast paced quirky energetic girl I got very bored and decided ‘let me take some pictures to post on my blog about this.. maybe it will be funny’. Don’t worry. I know I’m not a comedian but I think the heat was getting to me.

Top quality pictures.

When I exited I expected that maybe half and hour had gone by. But no. It was one of those terrible moments from school when you are bored in class and raise your hand to go to the bathroom and you stay in there until you think you’ve missed at least half the lesson and then you walk in and they are still watching that five minute video you left because of.

This was most certainly one of those moments because when I walked out it was only 2:00.

So I sat in a chair and waited.

After 10 minutes/20 minutes/30 minutes:

I literally tanned in 30 minutes from just sitting under slow fans.

So after those thirty minutes I decided

Time for bathroom air condition break numero dos:

Here’s how that went.

At first quite successful.

Then this beautiful symmetric tear happened.


I know there is a way to tear off a paper towel. But my brain was mush. So that happened.

Now you may think, washing your hands for no reason then messing up ripping off a paper towel is the most unproductive thing to do White Tee/Arya.

No. The most unproductive thing to do is when you run out of things to do in an air conditioned bathroom so you start walking around and judging things in your head, for example:


Wow nice schedule. But the handwriting could be better. Oh wait, that’s Spanish, that’s why I can’t read what it says. It’s not messy, it’s a different language. Gosh White Tee get it together!


Beautiful green plant. Just perfect. You know.. with the leaves and .. and stuff.


Oh look a window!!


Oh look.. another window.


This door is strangely heavy. Or maybe I’m just weak. Nah it’s strangely heavy, this White Tee’s been doing her push ups (pshh totally).

And finally:


The women’s room sign.

And that marked the end of Bathroom Adventures Dos.

Okay… so after that we FINALLY got the room!!! Hallelujah (: But that did not happen until I tried my hand at ‘WhatsApp’ because of message charges.

World, are you prepared to see my first message to none other than my mother?


Yes, her contact name is ‘Giver of Birth’. Yes, I know you are jealous you didn’t think to put that as your mom’s contact name before I did.

AND FINALLY I GOT TO MY ROOM!! And it was worth the wait (:


They had a swan waiting for me.

Well that’s all for today’s Tee Talk on Mexico taking a small break from fashion posts. Look forward to tomorrow when we do Who Wednesday, I can’t wait to write it.

This week is Mexico Week meaning all of the posts will be based on Mexico or be photos of me and other outfits in Mexico on my owner Arya or her family.

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Thank you all!!


The White Tee

all images taken at Ibero Star Hotel / JFK Airport

all images taken by me on iphone (many images taken from Snapchat app)


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