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Mannequin Monday: Uniqlo

Welcome back! Today is the first edition of ‘Mannequin Monday’ and I can’t wait to start.

It all starts a year ago in New York City, Arya and I were walking around and window shopping when we saw this store named ‘Uniqlo’ and thought

‘why not go in?’

So we entered the store and let’s just say we were in there for quite a while. After that experience, Uniqlo starting getting even bigger and

POOF! There was now one in a mall right next to us.

So since this is one of the best stores around, I thought let’s start out mannequin monday with Uniqlo.

Mannequin One:


Calling all preppy people! Oh, this look brings a smile to my face. Although I could do without the fedora, it does bring a more unique look to the outfit. This navy blue skater skirt is the perfect length and has just the right amount of flare. It is paired with a mint green sweater and striped collared shirt. The combination of the low v-neck sweater and the shirt give off a very business vibe while still looking fashionable. Together, this mannequin gets a big thumbs up from me!

[All clothing on the mannequins can be found at the Uniqlo stores]

Next up! I call these mannequins ‘A Study in Pink’ (SHERLOCK FANS GIVE ME A HIGH FIVE)


Okay these four mannequins have something in common, they all have pink. The first mannequin has a vibrant pink shirt. The material is so soft and comfortable (I know this because I tried it on but again could not buy it because I am broke). However, the price is actually quite a bargain, starting at $30. The red cardigan has scrunched up sleeves to give the look more dimension.

The second mannequin brings back the skater skirt. I do love my skater skirts. The pink cardigan along with the collared shirt keep with the ‘theme’ Uniqlo seems to set up. Now this puffer vest is something I want to spend some time on. I am obsessed with these. Uniqlo has some sort of power to make these jackets that are EXTREMELY light while also having the ability to keep you warm. I would recommend buying one if you don’t have one in your closet, the full sleeve ones are better in my opinion. I own a full sleeve grey one.

Onto the third mannequin. Now it gets hard to see from far away (I’m so sorry these pictures were taken in a rush) but this mannequin is sporting some tan pants. I love tan pants, they give off a ‘uniform for school’ vibe. Keeping with the theme you see once again a light pink sweater and a light grey shirt underneath. I have to say I love the color combination. The thing that sets this look apart is the scarf. I love the way it is draped across the mannequin’s neck and the thickness is perfect.

Finally, the fourth mannequin is a flip-flop of the third referring to colors. The tan pants now become the tan cardigan. The maroon scarf now becomes a maroon skirt (which I am obsessed with). The light grey ‘under-sweater’ shirt stays the same except this one has a bit of a pattern.

Overall, these four mannequins keep a consistent color theme and stick with the stores preppy vibe. I am impressed.

IMG_9266 YAY A DRESS! This shirt-dress had me wanting to pull out my wallet and buy all of them in every color. I love the length to where it is cut, and the pattern (although can be perceived as tacky) is pulled off rather well here. The maroon scarf in a different shape makes a comeback here and really adds to the dress making it one of my favorite mannequins in the store.


Okay last mannequin, I know the picture is blurry but the glass makes it that way. I really love this look. The overall color scheme is obviously blue, starting out with blue jeans. These blue jeans have a secure fit and really show off your figure. The tan belt adds a bit of contrast to the overwhelmingly blue outfit. I have to say I do love this belt, not for any particular reason, but just because I do. Next comes the the light blue collared shirt. This is a perfect steal because it has a great sleeve length and the fit is not too tight and not too loose. Next comes my favorite thing in the store. The jacket. This jacket is almost like a quilt, and feels like one to the skin. Here is a better look at the fabric of the jacket in a different color,


I absolutely LOVE it. It keeps you warm and has a stylish appeal to it as well. It brings the look together and the navy blue color is one of my favorites. I would recommend getting one, you will not regret it. This jacket goes with everything and is my pick for a fall essential. The look ends with a tan scarf to match the belt and brings the look together.

Whew. So that was a look at my favorite Uniqlo mannequins, make sure to check out the store! I really do love what they sell and they make some of the most comfortable and light clothes there are.

Here is my honorable mention mannequin:

The white on white on white look was a little too much for my taste but they did manage to pull it off rather well.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow for the first edition of Tee Talk Tuesday for a break from all this fashion, and boy do I have a talk for you!

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The White Tee

All photos taken by me // all clothes belong to Uniqlo

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Uniqlo Website:


8 thoughts on “Mannequin Monday: Uniqlo

  1. Hello! 😊
    This was a really fun post!
    I think my favorite looks where the dress and the one with the blue navy jacket and scarf! If this is the start of a series I think it was a good start, not familiar with the store Uniqlo, but would be really interesting to see other stores in the future! 😄


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