Flower Power

Hello everyone!

This is one of the most exciting days for me as a white tee shirt because I got to be in a photo shoot today with my owner using our very fancy technology,

an iphone.

Today you finally get to see me! Oh, and you get to see my owner to but let’s be honest, obviously I’m the cooler one. Our “photo shoot” involved me, a floral skirt, some heels, and awesome looking sunglasses so it is the perfect summer look. Without further ado I give you, ME! … and others.

Let’s start out with a few pictures, shall we?

Above you can see me paired with a beautiful long floral skirt. My owner Arya is wearing these and showing her ‘Sunday Brunch’ look… even though it’s not Sunday. Oops.

This skirt is the perfect combination with the shirt. I will be the first to admit, I’m a bit bland so I need to be paired with something that brings some vibrant color and excitement, especially in the summer season. This skirt does the trick. But the skirt isn’t the complete look. The sunglasses with a vintage flare give the look a more 60’s feel.

I originally had videos that I was going to put into this blog post but unfortunately I am a tee shirt without any money so I can not pay for premium and when I tried to upload these videos to Vimeo or YouTube or any other video saving thingamabob they said the files were too small so.. no videos for you guys ))))))):

I may post some videos I took on my new @whiteteetalks INSTAGRAM WOOO GO FOLLOW YOU GUYS!!! It may be private just in case, so if you follow my blog or are in the blogging/fashion/lifestyle or do not scream ‘CRAZY’ do not worry, you will be accepted.

Anyway back to the outfit.

You may be thinking, White Tee where did you get the fabulous skirt from? I’ll tell you

Ted Baker.

The skirt is a little big on me because I’ll let you in on a secret… it’s Arya’s mom’s. Shh. It’s true. We always need our moms… and their closets.


Next comes the sunglasses. These were a very big steal!! They were bought in Aeropostale for about $3 !!!! That’s right ONLY $3 and they came with a case. I couldn’t believe it, they give such a old time look to this outfit for such a low price. I would recommend going out and getting some if it’s still available.


Next comes the shoes. These were another borrow from Arya’s mother’s closet because heels are not really Arya’s thing. The shoes were purchased from BCBGeneration. They are comfortable and easy to walk in while making this outfit perfect.


And finally the moment we have all been waiting for, ME! The White Tee (: I have to say I think I give this outfit something special, don’t you think? I am worn two ways with this outfit, let me show you.

The first way is the way that I myself, and Arya, prefer.

This is the ‘tucked in’ version. I am tucked into the skirt which gives the outfit a more fitted look.

The second way, as you may have guessed, is untucked.


I think Arya was having a little too much fun in that picture. If you were wondering, I myself am from Old Navy, a great bargain store in my opinion.

Anyway one last thing to mention before the post is finished. The hair.

Since Arya is make-up less, because Arya does not usually wear make up, the last thing to discuss is hair. Today is special because Arya had a haircut and blow-dry from The Hair Cuttery and I believe my hairdresser’s name was Donna though I can’t be sure. Arya’s hair came out beautifully and she is very happy with it.


Alright, thank you all readers/bloggers/people for coming to check out my blog. I appreciate it every day. Don’t forget to like. I do love hearing from you guys so don’t be afraid to comment!  Again, thank you and see you tomorrow for the lovely Sneaker Saturday!


The White Tee


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