What Are You Wearing: Navy Overcoats

Welcome back lovelies,

As a tee-shirt I often times find myself paired with jackets that are too short, or just flat out ugly ones. This is not the case for fall’s newest fashion trend.

Navy Overcoats.

These overcoats are the envy of all. Cut to the ankles, your figure remains in tact with a stylish outfit to strut in. These particular overcoats tend to give off the sailor vibe, which is a fabulous look.

Navy Overcoat

Image Rights: http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/mH5QeYzun_TsPxiFl6F3Kig.jpg 

This piece gives a dramatic look to an outfit and is one of the biggest trends of the fall. The perfect length is crucial and these overcoats know exactly where to stop.  The coat is also meant for more fashionable events. This trend is spotted more on the runway then on the people pushing shopping carts in Walmart (cough cough me).

Where to wear?

To a high fashion event:

I have to say, I don’t get to go to these ‘high fashion events’ (yet.. still crossing my fingers this blog takes off) but I can imagine that this coat would have the best fashion critiques applaud you.

To New York City:

Preferably the Upper East Side (for you gossip girl fans) because not all of New York City is as fashionable as assumed. Many stick to simplistic outfits which I understand, I mean I’m a white tee-shirt, I’m the most simplistic it comes. So if you wear this coat to NYC make sure it is either in a neighborhood where this is your everyday style or to an event.

Now you may be thinking, wow White Tee you’ve really got me hooked onto this coat (why thank you), but where can I buy it? Not to worry! Let me show you,

First place to buy this wonderful coat is :


The price is $80

Another place to buy this closet must-have is :


This is an original Tommy Hilfiger.

I know all the links were to Ebay but being a white tee doesn’t exactly give you the biggest salary in the world. These are just links I found to buy, do not buy unless you know the product you’re getting is what you’re seeing. I have never ordered from the links above so make sure you are okay with buying from them. If you feel more comfortable with another website or ordering from the official brand that is always a great choice!

Any more questions about the overcoat? Contact me on my contacts page! Also make sure to look at my ‘About’ page to get a feel of what my owner, Arya, is all about.

If any of my fellow bloggers and readers are viewing this, thank you for following/liking/reading my posts, you are making a certain white tee very happy. If you want to get in touch or mention me in one of your posts or collaborate please contact me once again at my contacts page! I appreciate you all and can’t wait to post a ‘feature friday’ tomorrow featuring ME, everyone’s favorite white tee (:


The White Tee

cover image rights: http://www.elle.com/fashion/news/g27704/fall-2016-fashion-trends/?slide=14

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