Hello Readers!! Welcome to my first blog post.. how exciting!

My name is White, and I am a tee-shirt.

I know what you’re thinking, tee shirts can’t talk. Well, that’s true… but it turns out I can write and I decided it’s time people knew how I felt about my role in the fashion industry. I’m “the simple one”. Now as easy as that might seem, it’s actually quite a hard job. I get paired with nasty jeans and horrible jewelry sometimes. I was placed from one department store to another. I was not in the least fashionable until I found my owner, Arya.

She knew what to pair me with, how to style me, and what goes with what. She put me in her closet and ever since then I have roamed the streets, receiving compliments left and right. She even let me have today off and wore a blue shirt instead because she knows how the beach is a easy place to get me ruined. So I decided,

Let me write a blog about my life.

It’s simple. I am going to post everyday.. that seems like a lot of work but I’m a tee-shirt so I don’t have much else to do all day. My schedule will follow as…

Mannequin Monday: Arya and I like to go around the mall and outlet to window shop.. because let’s be honest, who doesn’t? On Monday’s I will post my favorite mannequin I saw in the week and tell you beautiful readers where I found the look, and show you bargain places where you can get something that looks similar.

Tee Talk Tuesday: Sounds catchy doesn’t it? I thought, I’m a tee that talks so let me have a day devoted to the most exciting thing that’s happened in that week. This day is a complete surprise! It does not have to be about fashion, but can be about travel, music, food, or anything. This day is devoted to mixing things up a bit.

Who Wednesday: Who indeed. Today kicks off with ‘Who Wednesday’ and I couldn’t be more excited! Wednesday’s are devoted to the who’s who of fashion. Who is worth noticing? Who is worth avoiding? Today, the ‘who?’ is me, the dazzling White Tee. Stay tuned for more on Wednesdays!!

Trendy Thursday: Of course, what fashion blog does not have a section for trends? How else are people suppose to keep up with what’s in and what’s out. Trendy Thursday will be showing off the greatest trends of the week, including fashion, make-up, and accessorizes.

Feature Friday: Oooo this day is all about me!! On Friday’s you get to see what Arya paired me with for the week. I (the white tee-shirt) will be ‘featured’ on every Friday look so get ready to see my beautiful face, I just hope I don’t have to be put next to that leather jacket again.. he was scary.

Sneaker Saturday: SHOE TIME! Everyone needs the best shoes in their closets and I am going to help with that. As I spent most of my time before Arya hanging on a hanger above shoes, I know exactly what shoes you need.

Show Sunday: And ending our week off is Show Sunday. This is dedicated to outfits seen on movies, television, actors, writers, and basically anyone or anything famous that we all desperately want. I am here to help cure this envy. On Sunday’s I am going to (bargain) find pieces of clothing that match the outfit that person is wearing because, let’s be honest, no one dresses better than celebrities.

Whew. My weeks look busy! Well I guess if I put in enough work I can shrink from a M to a S (:

I can’t wait for you guys to become a part of my world and I am stoked to finally have a voice. See you guys tomorrow for the first article of, Trendy Thursday!!


The White Tee

jeans from American Eagle

blue shirt from Aeropostale

denim jacket from Forever 21



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